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What are NFT Gas Fees and How To Get Lower Ethereum Gas Fees


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Ethereum Gas Fees Time of Day Chart Link:
Today’s NFT Ethereum gas fees Link:

Video Chapters
0:00 Ethereum gas fees introduction
1:02 What are NFT gas fees?
1:25 Why are Ethereum gas costs so high?
2:11 How to lower Ethereum NFT gas costs
2:51 NFT free minting
4:59 Disadvantages of creating NFTs for free
6:05 How to reduce NFT gas prices
6:38 How to reduce gas fees on Metamask
9:24 Ethereum gas fees time of day chart
11:44 How to get low NFT gas fees email notifications
13:09 Lower Gas Feeds on Different NFT Blockchains
15:54 Are NFTs a Scam?
17:06 High NFT gas fees explained


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