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Twitter Crypto Scam: ‘Moon Nation CEO’ Ben Todar Warns People About Scammers Impersonating Him [BEWARE]


Cryptocurrency scams are all over several platforms including one of the most used social media app: Twitter.

Recently, “Moon Nation” founder Ben Todar cautioned his followers about the lurking scammers that impersonate him.

According to the CEO, he will not message someone for their money or seeds. He requested the people to retweet his warning message so that many investors will not fall into this trap.

Todar Warns About Twitter Crypto Scam

Twitter Crypto Scam: 'Moon Nation CEO' Ben Todar Warns People About Scammers Impersonating Him [BEWARE]

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Twitter Crypto Scam: ‘Moon Nation CEO’ Ben Todar Warns People About Scammers Impersonating Him [BEWARE]

According to a recent tweet from Todar, some people are imitating him and asking people to give their seeds or money. Before this post, someone messaged Ben over the past day about a suspicious individual who seems to be exactly the “Moon Nation” CEO.

Based on the screenshot, the impostor perfectly mimicked the account description of Todar on his official Twitter account. The tipster thought that Ben did not know the scammer behind this scheme.

Furthermore, Todar said that if someone received this exact message, be reminded that it’s not really him who sent it. Here’s what the message says:

“I’m running a private program for new or old crypto investors on a affiliated crypto trading platform which has been going very successfully. The idea is building a solid capital foundation for beginners by helping out with trades (team of traders while they watch, learn, and at same time build their capital. And deposits are been made through BTC or ETH on this platform. The offer by the way is limited, so it won’t be available sometime after now as we won’t be able to accommodate a very high population of investors. First trading section is for building good cash flow while the 2nd trading section is for strictly coaching and mentoring.”

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Twitter Working Slow on Blocking Scammers

In a thread that started from Todar’s post, several people commented on Todar’s tweet. Someone wrote that “Boss Twitter is not like the MNG team because they are working so slow. Another one questioned @verified and @twitter’s request for verification. The investor complained that some influencers who have less than 2,000 followers and have less significance got a verified account.

To add, another commenter agreed that Mr. Todar should make his account verified to make it legal and official. With regards to the scammers, someone requested the “Moon Nation CEO” to give the username of the scammer so that they could mass block him.

At the moment, the real Twitter account of Ben Todar has over 77,400 followers while the impostor has only over 7,000 followers, according to the shared screenshot.

‘Moon Nation’ Game Website Coming Soon

In line with Todar’s game, “Moon Nation” will be releasing its new website soon, according to a tweet on Sunday, Dec. 26.

The uploaded picture on Twitter showed “Welcome to the metaverse” and presented its short description which mentions NFT marketplace, bridge platform, and play-to-earn game.

Investors could buy $MNG in just one click on the website and they could see the MNG charts on it. The next-gen crypto-powered space game is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

At the moment, the total supply of $MNG tokens in circulation is 384,400,00, according to the official “Moon Nation” site.

Based on the road map, the beta version of the game for web users is coming out soon. There would be gathering play-testers, game launch events, game reviewers’ coverage for the Q4 2021 outline.

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Tech Times checked and verified the official account of the involved in the report. We would also like to thank the tipster who informed us on Twitter about this story. 

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