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2021.11.19 – Reason Launches World’s First NFT Escape Room, Crypto Could Destabilize Nations Hillary Clinton Says, Dr Pepper Announces First-Ever “Bitcoin Toss” with $23k Prize, Macy’s to launch NFT series in celebration of annual parade, and more
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Alibaba: 180-day wait for NFT buyers to resell to prevent hype

Reason Launches World’s First NFT Escape Room

These adorable baby ape NFTs? They’re racist — and stolen.

Adidas enters the metaverse with an NFT you don’t actually own

Liquid Craft to Launch 1500 Liquor Backed NFTs on ETH and BSC 23rd Nov

Nike Shares First Foray Into The Metaverse With NIKELAND On Roblox

Deadmau5 and Plastikman’s Pixelynx plans a music NFTs game

Macy’s to launch first-ever NFT series in celebration of annual parade

Criminals have made off with over $10 billion in ‘DeFi’ scams and thefts this year

11 Defi Terms to Know Before You Buy Your First Crypto

What does the U.S Congress JEC think about Tether and Co.

Crypto Could Destabilize Nations, Undermine Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status, Hillary Clinton Says

Heads, Tails, or Crypto? Dr Pepper Announces First-Ever “Bitcoin Toss”

SEC charges Ryan Ginster with conducting crypto scams

Payments for $9 billion bitcoin settlement from Mt. Gox collapse could start in months, report says

Ontario Man Who Ran Multimillion-Dollar Unlicensed Bitcoin Exchange Business Sentenced to 3 Years in Federal Prison

Kleiman v. Wright: A Story of Physical and Financial Tribulation

‘We are the number two crypto miner in the world, and we see practically no financial return,’ says Kazakhstan President Tokayev

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