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NewAge takes Brazilian leadership to Cancun


The American giant NewAge celebrates its great phase in Brazil. With a sales growth of over 1000% in the last month, last week it took its leadership to the paradise of Cancun, on the company’s first international trip with Brazilian leaders.

The trip called the Leadership Retreat featured leaders from Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and of course, Brazil. More than 200 leaders gathered to enjoy the best of the NewAge lifestyle, enjoy a luxurious resort in the middle of nature, with a private beach, exclusive parties and dinners for the group, in addition to a corporate event with training, vision of the future and launches. A true international standard trip.

One of the great news announced is that Brazil was officially incorporated into the NewAge Latin America market. “We are very happy with everything that we are experiencing in Brazil, and now with all the Latin markets united, we will have even more strength for expansion and growth, there is a lot of good things ahead”, celebrates Mauricio Patrocinio, President of NewAge Brasil.

And whoever thinks that the travels stopped there, is wrong. The company already has two trips scheduled for March and May of next year: Cancun once again and Buenos Aires. “Travel is part of NewAge’s commercial strategy. Lifestyle is an important pillar of our business, mainly because it involves dreams, and this is our main objective: to help more and more people to fulfill their dreams”, says Filipe Bisael, Commercial Director of NewAge Brasil.

Present in over 70 countries and currently the 29th largest direct sales and network marketing company by Global Selling News, NewAge continues to grow and break records.

The opening of the Brazilian market is celebrated at an international level with important leaders starting prospects in Brazil and for its solidity, serious management, excellent products and powerful marketing plan, NewAge presents itself as the best option to build a safe and profitable business.

Felipe Bisael took Brazilian leaders to the event in Cancun
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