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METAWARS – How do people fall for this? I CRYPTO NFT GAME


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00:00 This is a very well made scam
01:56 The journey starts here with their first partner
06:21 More partnerships
08:01 Listings on Pancake swap means nothing
09:09 Second big partner Cinchblock
10:17 The sales starts and the planet system makes no sense
11:20 The partnership with Metagods
12:28 Planetfi release how it works
15:09 This is how from now on messages will be phrased and why
16:47 I make a prediction
17:47 The conclusion

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I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only.
Please invest only in things you understand and make sure you understand the risk that is involved in every investment decision. This video represents my own experience and opinion. Before investing in anything I do, make sure you research for yourself.


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