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Could Crypto Be The Future Of MMORPGs?


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So you’ve probably seen the title of this video and thought to yourself in what way could crypto possibly have an effect on the future of the MMORPG genre? well to get to the point I think game developers will create their own crypto tokens as a way to fund projects through crypto investors rather than using crowd funding platforms such as kickstarter, in doing this they’ll raise way more money and be able to create more ambitious projects.

I think crypto could lead to a new business model for MMOs in which games can be extremely profitable without being pay to win in the slightest and in this video I’ll explain how this could be possible.

What do you think about crypto games and blockchain as the future of the MMORPG genre? do you think it could help MMOs gain funding via the new business model I suggested? let me know in the comments below!

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—Blockchain MMO Funding Business Model Description—

Let’s imagine I create a company called PeonSoft and we want to make a WoW clone but in unreal engine 5 and design it more like WoW classic, Let’s call it PeonCraft
We’d start by designing 1 zone of the game, 2 or 3 classes with up to level 10 abilities and a few quests, basically enough assets and content for a proof of concept, super short playable demo and a trailer for marketing, this part of the process would be self funded.
We’d then create a CryptoCurrency called PeonToken and have an Initial coin offering to make these tokens available to be purchesed by the community with 10-20% of the total supply reserved for the devs who’re working on the game
There would only ever be a total supply of 1 million peon tokens in existance and these tokens would be used to buy capped total supply NFT cosmetics that you could wear in game.

The problem I have with cosmetic cash shops in current MMOs is that there’s nothing special about the outfits, you’re not impressed or intrigued when you see someone with a cash shop cosmetic because anyone can buy one for like $20, but what if there was only ever 100 of that outfit in existance in a game with millions of players and it’s worth thousands of dollars, think the swift spectral tiger from WoW or Runescape’s party hats, extremely rare limited quantity cosmetics, mounts or pets, nothing pay to win.
We’d then create a cash shop that only sells these rare cosmetics that could only be purchesed with our Cryptocurrency PeonToken.
Once everything is initially sold out from the investor store where these in game NFTs would be sold, players will need to trade these cosmetics between each other for crypto of which the price would be determined by them and they’d be a 1% tax on every transaction between players that goes to the development teams wallet, this tax on transaction would be a way to have positive cash flow for the development of the game after the initial public coin sale.

So let’s say PeonCraft becomes as popular as a medium sized crypto game such as My Neighbor Alice, that would result in a total trade volume of $15m on a slow day and as much as $100m on a good day, with a 1% tax on transaction that’s $150k-$1m per day worth of tokens sent to the development teams wallet that could be sold for USDT to pay wages or used for marketing to further snowball the project.
With this amount of revenue there’d be very little need to add further monitization to the game, it could be completely free to play, in fact being a non pay to win free to play game would probably be for the best as the more players playing the more money those limited quantity NFT cosmetics would be worth as they’d be rarer relative to the size of the games population.

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Why Crypto Could Be The Future Of MMORPGs


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