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Binemon NFT Game Review 2021, Gameplay | Binemon A Scam? | Investment Tips!


Binemon review and bit of gameplay of the project, some background of Binemon and it’s not running on ETH ERC20 nor BSC BEP20, instead it’s running on DRK Chain which is a new ecosystem and this is one of the major risk you got to consider before investing.
It’s another play to earn game on the crypto space known as a blockchain game which includes NFTs to enhance the gameplay and bring values to it’s players / investors.

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I’ve also made a comparison on Binemon, Binamon and Crypto Prophecies based on my personal experience in the cryptocurrency market for 4 years and my own investment strategy / tips on any investment product which you can use it too!

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I personally ranked these projects
1- Binemon | Red Flag using DRKChain
2- Crypto Prophecies | Red Flag, No actual game out yet but has video about gameplay by the official developers.
3- Binamon | Red Flag, Sketchy website, no actual products / gameplays.
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Binemon website
DYOR on Binemon via official site
Check DRK Chain Price

00:00 What Is Binemon?
05:13 Binemon Gameplay
07:44 How To Buy Binemon?
10:20 What Is DRK? DRKChain?
14:16 Binemon VS Binamon VS Crypto Prophecies
20:02 Personal Opinion & Tips On Investing Crypto
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