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Ubisoft’s NFT Sales Are Absolutely Dismal


Following the controversial announcement that Ubisoft would begin implementing NFTs into its games, the company’s sales are less than impressive.

Ubisoft‘s foray into the business of non-fungible tokens is seemingly not going according to plan, as the sales numbers for the digital products are lower than expected.

As spotted by Liz Edwards on Twitter, it seems as if Ubisoft has sold a mere 15 NFTs between two marketplaces. Edwards calculates that those sales should average out to a total of 94.49 Tezos, the cryptocurrency used to purchase Ubisoft’s particular selection of non-fungible tokens. At the current exchange rate, this equates to roughly $1753.30 at the time of writing. “Am i understanding this right? ubisoft managed to make an nft that not even nft fans want? because that is very very very funny,” writes Edwards.

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It is worth noting that the initial wave of Ubisoft’s NFTs were distributed to a small group of around 2000 players for free which likely impacted the sales generated by the endeavor. The tiny number of sales through Quartz, the platform designed by the publisher to act as a storefront for NFTs, is also largely due to the restrictive nature of Ubisoft’s implementation. Consumers wanting to participate are required to play Ubisoft’s games to gain access to NFTs, which often require an absurd number of hours to unlock.

As noted by Stephen Totilo, the only one of Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint NFTs to be bought or sold is a gun skin. The other two forms, a unique set of in-game pants and a helmet, haven’t been listed on any marketplace. “All nine sales on Rarible [one of the authorized marketplaces] are for the gun skin, the first of the NFTs offered by Ubisoft,” writes Totilo. “No one has bought the pants (100 hours of playtime required to obtain). No one has bought the helmet (600 hours required). In fact, across both stores no one is even selling the helmets.”

Ubisoft‘s announcement that it would begin implementing NFTs into its games was met by a wave of anger from fans. The blockchain practice, which is used to provide a serial number to a digital product and prove some kind of ownership, requires an exorbitant amount of electricity. Beyond environmental concerns, fans of the publisher questioned how NFTs benefitted the consumer, accusing Ubisoft of trying to take advantage of an untested and largely unregulated new form of revenue. Ubisoft has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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