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New ‘DOOM’ NFT Mod Lets You Photograph NFTs to Kill Them; Elon Musk Laughs!


“DOOM II” is joining the NFT hype with a new mod. Instead of shooting enemies, players can “photograph dumb NFTs” to earn an insane amount of money. Elon Musk tweeted a laughing emoji on this growing trend.

For reference, NFT stands for “non-fungible token”–which is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored in the blockchain. This serves as ownership right over reproducible digital files like photos, audios and videos.

Many on the internet think of NFT as a joke, like a money-laundering scheme for the global elite. However, NFT is undeniably a growing industry, with sales reaching up to $2 billion per month and a trading volume of 38,000 percent year-over-year. Many gaming industries are taking advantage of this growing hype.

Elon Musk Reacts to ‘DOOM’ NFT Mod

On Sunday, Niche Gamer shared a new “DOOM II” NFT mod developed by Ultra Boi. The mod replaces the enemies with hideous-looking NFTs that are passed as “high-art” by the elite. Instead of shooting them, gamers have to take a photo of these NFTs, which rewards with an absurd amount of in-game money.

There are other funny features included in the mod pack. One is the monkey-screaming sound effect whenever an NFT dies. Another is the flying banana which acts as an enemy’s attack.

When Niche Gamer tweeted the announcement on social media, fans were surprised to see Elon Musk reply. His laugh emoji is probably a sentiment a lot of “DOOM” gamers can relate to.

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Other NFT Games to Look Out For

This “DOOM II” mod is just one of the many game industries that are adopting the concept of NFT. Several companies even formed new games around the blockchain technology, which promotes a play-to-earn system. In quick summary, these games can sell, trade and earn NFTs and convert them to real money!

Some of the best NFT games available right now are “Decentraland,” “Wolf Game,” “Axie Infinity” and “Alien Worlds.” All of these utilize the DeFi (decentralized finance) system to create a player community that promotes market collaboration and competition.

Interested fans are also recommended to watch out for incoming NFT Games in 2022. Some of the games teased are “Battle of Guardians,” “RaceFi,” “Polygonum,” and “MetaWars.”

Fans are also advised to watch out for “Champions: Ascension,” which is teased as the next biggest NFT game. This is because the game will be developed by Jam City, one of the best mobile game developers of the year.

Lastly, note that NFT also extends to some sports industries. One example is the 2974th record-breaking 3-point shot by Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, which is celebrated through NFTs. Curry tweeted the details of the online sale.

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