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The Creation of Lanton Mills

Larva Lads are a play on the CryptoPunks and their creators, Larva Labs. The artwork and metadata are fully on-chain and are randomly generated. Larva Lads are free to mint. You just need to pay the gas fees.  Not much is known about this project yet, but like other free mints including grillz gang and anonymice, this project is enjoying parabolic growth.  As of this writing, the floor on these has risen to over .1 ETH (from free) in a matter of hours.

We do know that this project is the brain child of self-described artist, designer, and developer that has previously worked for Snap Chat and Sony Pictures.  It appears he’s split off on his own and meant for this to be a free mint to explore the web3 space as he navigates this new realm.

There are some concerns with the project as it appears there may be duplicates (often referred to as twins or triplets) that may represent some FUD in the community.  Often times, how the project responds to these anomalies will play a big factor in future success of this project.  For example, if staking is introduced there could be a premium for twins staked together, etc. We have seen the top artists in the world make mistakes (Pak) as well as anonymous project like recover from errors in contracts so this definitely isn’t the kiss of death.  Time will tell if this project has what it takes to succeed.

For a free mint, Lanton must be on cloud 9.  The project has already moved nearly 500 ETH on opensea in less than 12 hours, which would represent 25 ETH (or ~ $100k Fiat) in less than a day.

Currently, there is no discord for this project – but we expect some big things to come in the near future.


We will provide more information as we receive it.



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