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Why the NFT Market is Growing at a Crazy Pace and How 2021 Differs From 2017


This time on the A-Factor podcast, Azam Shaghaghi is talking to Ben Lakoff, co-founder and business lead of Charged Particles. Charged Particles is a DeFi NFT product built on the Ethereum network that allows users to deposit a combination of tokens into a NFT for further use.

Topics covered in this episode:
• What non-fungible tokens are and what the value is of the tokens
• How Charged Particles are involved in NFT
• Why one year in the crypto world equals seven years in the real world and how to deal with it
• Why interest in NFT has jumped in the last couple of months even though non-fungible tokens have been around for years
• How the market is driven by human emotion
• Macro-economic and geo-political differences between 2017 and 2021 that affect market conditions
• The transition from traditional to digital art and the opportunities it creates



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