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Squishy Squad NFT: Why I'm NOT CONVINCED About This Hyped NFT Project


The Squishy Squad NFT Project is a new ethereum-based NFT project by BentoBoi that is launching this week! The 48-hour whitelist mint will begin at 3:00 PM Pacific Time on Friday, December 10, at a price of 0.08 ETH + gas, followed by the public mint that begins at 3:00 Pacific Time on Sunday, December 12. The art is cute, it’s supported by JRNY Crypto, and it’s had some hype recently, but I’m not entirely convinced that I want to mint this project. Learn why in this video!

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Market Update
2:00 Squishy Squad NFT
2:36 Squishy Squad NFT Founder: Brandon Chin (BentoBoi)
4:37 Squishy Squad NFT Art
4:54 Squishy Squad NFT Roadmap
7:44 Squishy Squad NFT Market Bots
9:15 Squishy Squad NFT Roadmap Version 2.0
10:31 How to Buy the Squishy Squad NFT / Whitelist
12:45 Squishy Squad NFT Price and Maximum Mint
13:33 Buying on OpenSea
14:08 What I Like About the Squishy Squad NFT
16:58 What I Don’t Like About the Squishy Squad NFT
23:34 My Personal Investment Strategy With Squishy Squad NFT

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