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Juan Jose Moreno – Leader in NFT marketing

Combining the power of word-of-mouth marketing with NFT technology ... ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES



we play games to help you earn while you learn


Juan Jose Moreno is leading the charge on a new way of word-of-mouth marketing in the new frontier of NFT technololgy.  Moreno is using a technology and company called Naka Games. Naka Games is an online gaming platform that allows players to play, share and score money. It functions using the blockchain and NFT technologies to secure players’ financial freedom.

Naka Games allow players to earn rewards from everything. It is made easy, simple, and fast, and it can be played for as long as the player desires. It works on the principles of play, share, and scoring money.

Naka game provides the opportunity for players to earn in bitcoin and keep increasing their bitcoin wallet value simply by playing, sharing, and learning.

For more information, stay tuned, or contact Juan Jose Moreno.


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  1. Jefe says

    He’s a great leader, friend, father and husband!

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