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Get Ready for Battle in the Upcoming Crypto Fighters NFT Game


Crypto Fighters, an NFT project inspired by the wonders of masterful martial artist within the Defiverse, Sekai no Senshi, is bringing the ultimate Crypto Fighters Tournament to the NFT space. The project will allow players to explore a high-utility and uniquely interactive ecosystem that goes beyond being just an NFT collection.

The Ecosystem

The Crypto Fighters ecosystem will have its own marketplace, token, DAO, staking, and utility NFTs. The soon-to-be released NFT collection will give holders access to the upcoming Crypto Fighters world and play-to-earn game.

NFT holders will also be eligible for exclusive merchandise, airdrops, and community governance. The community governance program allows users to be part of the development and management process of the project. A community reward system will also be set in place with regular Q&A sessions, previews of game development, monthly community-led raffles and giveaway drops of extra items.

An NFT staking feature will be added further down the line after the token launch, with the goal of supporting holders of the Sekai no Senshi NFT collection. The more NFTs you own, the more tokens you will get!

The Collection

There will be two types of NFTs released; a limited-edition Crypto Fighter Collection and the Character Special Item NFTs.

The Crypto Fighters collection is based on the main character, Sekai no Senshi, who is both a hero and a guru of well-being in the gaming and crypto worlds. The NFTs will come with attributes that accompanied the master. There will be different backgrounds, different clothing, and headwear assets alongside accessories and fighting weapons arsenal. Once minting starts, there will be an even larger pool of items along with different levels of rarity.

Only those who have invested in at least one Crypto Fighter NFT will be given access to the full game once it’s released. Play-to-earn game mechanics will be integrated into the upcoming native token, meaning every NFT holder will have the opportunity to earn rewards through playing the game.

The Character Special Items NFT Collection will give fighters the opportunity to add exciting weaponry, amour, apparel, and accessories to their Fighter.

Minting of Crypto Fighter NFTs begins on December 12, 2021, at 13:00 UTC, with the price ranging between 0.07 and 0.1 ETH  per NFT. Funds raised from the NFT collection will be used for development of the upcoming game.

The Game

In the upcoming play-to-earn game players will be able to battle with other Fighters, pick out extra gear items from their arsenal to improve stats, or add special attacks, and get ahead of opponents.

At the start of each new battle, both players throw a set of virtual dice to decide who attacks first. During each turn, the attacking player chooses where to strike the opponent, while the defendant picks two out of four zones for defense. As well as normal turn-by-turn gameplay, each of the characters will have a special ability that you can use once your special meter is filled (this meter fills up by taking damage). The winner of each match is the last man or woman standing, with the opponent’s HP depleted.

More news will be released as development continues, however, there are already plans to introduce a mass 4v4 brawl, tournament events, rewards, and much more.

The Creators & Innovators

The team, which will remain anonymous at first, has been inspired by the world-known fighting games with capturing the history of their championships. Each team member is a professional in their crypto arenas. They are here to unite competitiveness and intelligence alongside the right ideology and wisdom of the crypto world.

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