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Binamon (BMON) Token Review: 199x Coin Or Another NFT Scam?


Binamon (BMON) Token Review: 199x Coin Or Another NFT Scam? Remember how not long ago, people were addicted to Pokemon Go? Well, some folks are still big fans of the Pokemon movement. It is quite a phenomenon…

What is so special about the concept of the digital pets collectibles? I am not a psychology expert. However, I think that the process of collecting fantasy pets imposes some sentimental effects on us humans. Pokemons was just one example. Before Pokemon Go went viral, there were Tamagotchis, and today, after the pokemon go movement, we see new fresh variations of three-dimensional monsters…

In today’s video, I will review a relatively brand new NFT game that is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto gamers called Binamon. Will Binamon become another Axie Infinity, meaning another top 1 nft game? Let’s find out. We will take a look at the game itself, and we will also review the utility token BMON, which looks very promising.

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