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Tom Colicchio Just Hopped On The NFT Bandwagon


Judging from the responses the announcement has garnered, Colicchio has missed peak interest for NFTs.

“Cool! I dig food themed environmental degradation,” one person snarked, referencing the heaving environmental impact that the technology needed to run the crypto-word generates, and adding, “It’s like a McDonald’s burger that I can eat marginally less of.” 

“I’d rather have a real pizza,” one disappointed response reads. And many more followed in this vein, rolling their eyes at the perceived pointlessness of producing a digital pizza art, instead of — for instance — pizza branded by a well-recognized celebrity chef like, say, Tom Colicchio.

This is not to say that there aren’t people who are already onboard with NFTs arguing that this is somehow interesting. “That slice of pizza is your access to a community of foodies & celebrity chefs you’d otherwise never connect with,” is the defense offered by one. “They already mentioned virtual events & real life parties.” Another writes that “Honestly though, if you haven’t spent time in the space you won’t get it. When you do, your mind will run wild with the possibilities this kind of project can provide.” It should be noted that no possibility is offered to illuminate the uninitiated. Neither, however, do the defenses address why CHFTY Pizza exists other than to incorporate a currently gimmicky technology into what would otherwise be a meet and greet. The revolution has missed the moment, and for now, it just seems like a cash grab.

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