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Fans are upset over Ubisoft’s NFT announcement


Ubisoft announced its  unique flavor of NFTs  Tuesday, which is going over terribly with fans! As in, thousands upon thousands of dislikes on YouTube.

Not that the negative reception should surprise anyone keeping up with the video game industry lately. In October, developer  Behaviour Interactive got mangled by Dead By Daylight  fans  for a similar practice. I like to imagine Ubisoft watched that whole mess and went: “yeah, we can top that no sweat,” and by golly, it sure looks like they have! Everyone loved punching down on Ghost Recon: Breakdown  to begin with, so at least the company is consistent.

By this point, Ubisoft is undoubtedly happy that YouTube removed the “dislike” button on videos. Otherwise, its quaint NFT announcement video would be showering in dislikes!

Thankfully, a nifty chrome extension called  Return YouTube Dislike  does precisely what its name implies! Let’s look at that announcement video again, then, shall we?

Goodness gracious, folks sure aren’t pleased with Ubisoft Quartz at all. It’ll likely shoot past 10,000 dislikes by the time you’re reading this too, surely.

The fun doesn’t stop there either, not one bit. Social media is overflowing with people furious over Ubisoft Quartz. Truly, it’s astounding how easy it is to set ablaze any sliver of goodwill with one little announcement. Some of the best reactions are below for your viewing pleasure.

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