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‘Ape Traders’ NFT Collection to Launch on Dec. 6


“Ape Traders,” a collection of ape-themed NFTs, is scheduled to have its public launch on Dec. 6. There are a total of 7,777 NFTs in the collection.

Ownership perks that holders can enjoy include access to “The Jungle,” a weekly update on NFT projects, and “The Temple,” an exclusive Discord channel.

“Ape Traders” is the latest addition to the list of ape NFT collections, which already include “Bored Ape Yacht Club,” “Chibi Apes,” and “The Wild Ape Gang.” It is also one of the newest examples of animal NFTs, which are popular among both collectors and NFT creators.

‘Ape Traders’ to Launch on Dec. 6


“Ape Traders,” a collection of 7,777 ape NFTs, has scheduled its public mint on Dec. 6. The public mint is set to start at 9 p.m. EST. There are 7,777 ape NFTs in total in the collection.

The ape-themed NFT collection is one of the collections set to have its public mint on Dec 6. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFT collections holding their public mint on the said date include “Coalition Crew” and “Metafrens.”

100 early minters will be refunded their mint fees as a show of gratitude from the developers of the project for their support, per the “Ape Traders” website.

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Ownership Perks and Future Plans

According to the NFT project’s official website, holders of the ape NFTs will have a couple of ownership perks that they can enjoy. One of which is access to what the developers refer to as The Jungle.

The Jungle is a members-only space that “provides holders with access to weekly reports outlining the hottest upcoming NFT projects before they mint, giving you the opportunity to get in on these NFT’s on the ground floor.”

Another ownership perk that holders will get to enjoy is access to The Temple, which is a Discord channel exclusive to “Ape Traders” NFT holders. Holders can interact with one another in the Discord channel and receive updates on NFT projects.

No post-sale plans are set in stone as of press time as the developers want the community to be the one to dictate where the project goes. Ideas being considered for the future of the project include airdrops for holders as well as exclusive merchandise.

Ape NFT Collections

“Ape Traders” is the newest addition to the list of ape NFTs in the market. It is also the latest example of animal-themed NFT collections. 

Arguably the most popular example of ape NFTs is “Bored Ape Yacht Club.” In September, a “Bored Ape Yacht Club” NFT in the collection sold for a record-breaking $2.9 million.

Other examples of ape NFT collections include “Chibi Apes” and “The Wild Ape Gang,” which launched on Nov. 29.

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