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THE TIGER CUB CLUB NFT Project Overview – NFT Culture


We decided to launch this project to raise the funds for our bigger vision of creating an NFT brand that develops NFT technology aimed at helping to make the niche more mainstream. Some of the technology we will be developing is to include unique NFT display devices. We have experience of building real brands and this is our plans for this project.

What Makes this project unique? 

Although we have 6000 Tiger Cubs to be minted there was an initial total of 8100.

600 will be kept back by the team for marketing, prizes and giveaways. 

1500 will be kept “trapped in the jungle” waiting for holders to come and rescue (mint them for free) All the action will happen after we have sold out and this is where things really get interesting as we will be launching our hold and reward scheme where holders will earn daily $JUNGLE tokens for each Tiger Cub Club NFT that they hold. The more NFTs you own, the faster and more $JUNGLE tokens that you will earn. $JUNGLE tokens come with amazing utility and can be redeemed to rescue the remaining 1500 Tiger Cubs still trapped in the jungle. In addition you can redeem them to change the name and bio of your NFT. There will be future utility announced in future on other ways you can redeem your $JUNGLE tokens

Another thing is, we are far from just another PFP project. We are building a real business and brand with long term targets and goals that will to push the NFT space forward by the way of developing affordable NFT tech related products.

We will also launch a DAO, make a donation to an endangered Tigers charity and plan to build a small primary school in Africa that will be named after the project. We want to reward holders for helping us achieve our visions and have devised strategies that will benefit the whole community.

We will implement strategies aimed at seeing investors get more and more value from holding onto our token.

For us this is not us launching a PFP project. This is us launching an actual NFT brand.

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

We have a 4 man team that consists of: 

The founder who is also in charge of the business development

Our head of marketing

Lead Developer

Project Manager

What is the price?

0.05 ETH

Why is that price fair?

We believe it reflects the price of the current market conditions with high gas prices etc. We wanted to stay away from the 0.08 prices and this price is even more fair for the additional Utility that comes with being a token holder.

What is the Mint Size? 


Are there any mechanics we should know about? 

Links to discord, social, etc.

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