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Shwaz.ETH NFT Picks 12/13/21 – NFT Culture


Shwaz (Josh) is a frequent guest on the NFT Culture show. His commentary about the nft spaces and projects that should be considered on point.  From time to time Shwaz will update us with the projects and art that are currently on his radar.  Never financial advice.

Shwaz’s Favorite NFT Buys (12/13/21)

Here are my favorite NFT buys right now from highest floor to lowest:

@doodles : 2.69 Floor 


I’ve noticed a lot of Apes have been buying lately and it’s not surprising. This project reminds us of BAYC. Excellent founders with a unique vision building a non-toxic community that’s here to stay. My gut tells me we’re very close to a major run. 


Doodles on Opensea


Any@fewocious edition under 1 ETH 


I see him as the artist of a generation so if you love his work like I do, I’m not sure there will be entry prices this low for too much longer. – City Hand .48 on@niftygateway 

– Cryptocaster .48 on NG 

– Victor and Victoria .88 on OS 


Fewocious X Illumino on Nifty Gateway

Fewocious on Opensea


-SUBTRACTION- by@ThankYouX and@mpkoz .53 Floor 


These are sitting just above mint price and IMO that is criminal. My thoughts on this collection are well documented. Just do me a favor and go look at them. 


-SUBTRACTION- on Opensea


Karma Keys by@WhIsBe .26 Floor 


Whisbe is one of the biggest street artists in the world. His limited NFTs have done very well and now he’s dropping an 11k Vandal Gummy project. The Karma Keys serve as a free mint pass and at .3 there may not be a better Whisbe entry. 


WhisBe Karma Keys on Nifty Gateway

WhisBe on Opensea

mfers by@sartoshi_nft .085 Floor 


Phunk holders think they are making some kind of statement with their copy/ paste ripoff art. You really want a statement piece? Here’s an *original* concept from a master satirist/ NFT meme artist. 


mfers on Opensea


@dissrup1 .014 Floor 


This is a very under the radar project specializing in Metaverse fashion and collectibles. The quality of work is exceptional. Check out what they’re up to. 


Dissrup on Opensea

Dissrup Marketplace




As always DYOR. I drop these lists every Monday on Twitter. Hit dat follow: @theycallmeshwaz.


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