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What is the projects launch date? 

VIP Access to Presale for VIP Sale Shibes only (these were assigned for early members of the community, family, friends, and members who in our contests on Twitter and Discord) 

Dates: Nov. 21 5PM EST -> Nov. 23 4AM EST 

Price: 0.03 ETH/shibe 

Max 6/wallet 

Presale for all Whitelisted Shibes (original whitelist was through a first-come, first-serve channel on Discord, then was raffled off randomly, and final spots were through Twitter and Discord contests) 

Dates: Nov. 23 5PM EST -> Nov. 25 4AM EST 

Price: 0.04 ETH/shibe 

Max 6/wallet (including those purchased during VIP access window) 

Public Sale 

Dates: Nov. 25 5PM EST 

Price: 0.055 ETH/shibe 

Max 20/transaction (we may be adjusting this lower soon) 

How did you come up with the ideas? 

The idea of the collection came from a few different places. First, our artist Janet is quite experienced with creating cartoon pets for her online store. We believed that her style would do very well in the NFTspace, especially given the lack of Shiba/Dog-based PFPs on the market at the time when we started the project (late/early September). 

Additionally, we noticed an opportunity to provide a humanitarian effort and mission behind the collection, as we are absolutely huge pet lovers (not just dogs) and want holders and people who have them as their PFP to symbolize their pet loving nature as well. We wanted to add to this feeling even further by incorporating a donation flow into our sales milestones, but more importantly: creating a monthly Snapshot DAO-powered donation voting to shelters around the world that accept cryptocurrencies. This also led to our bigger picture mission of onboarding shelters into the cryptocurrency space, so that they can too benefit from the additional funding that’s available by opening that channel up. So ultimately, we want holders of Shiba Shelter to not only view their Shiba Shelter NFT as a way of showing that they love pets, but that they also are empowering and showing tothe world that they actively support giving back to and empowering shelters around the world as well. 

What Makes this project unique? 

We hope that our mission statement, and our artwork, combined form a great base of support to create a very tight-knit community in the NFT space, and beyond. 

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

Alex (myself) – Founder, developer, marketing, community management, roadmap fulfillment, etc. – most of the project outside of the artwork 

Janet – Founder, artist 

Terrance – Community Manager 

All members are local to Vancouver, and were personally recruited by myself as we’ve known each other for a while already in the past. 

What is the price? 

VIP access to presale price: 0.03ETH each 

Whitelist presale price: 0.04ETH each 

Public sale price: 0.055ETH each 

Why is that price fair? 

We definitely believe that the prices are fair, especially for our VIP and whitelist members, as it is bordering on the low-end of the newly launched NFT scale. We believe this is the way to go though, as

we want to have members not worry too much about the money side of it, but rather would focus more on building the community from a grassroots level. 

What is the Mint Size? 


Are there any mechanics we should know about? 

Not too many nuisances outside of the Snapshot DAO-powered monthly donation round voting. Reveal is set to be at 75% sales, but we will certainly want to reveal earlier if public sales do not prove to be able to reach that level within a few days (we want our members to see our artwork at the end of the day). 





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