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Since 1999, I have gained experience in many fields including art projects, design, generative design, code, and web3 projects, and so I combined all my experience doing digital projects. My creative urge inspires me to follow my inner impulses to create something new every day.  Living in a creative environment with other artists also helps. I am also motivated by the idea of financial freedom to work just on the things I truly believe in.

As I am a huge fan of pixelart, but prefer vector over bitmap – I tried to find a way to create scalable and animatable pixel art and ended up with a pretty cool workflow using figma, keyshape, some node.js lines of code to produce pretty funny looking characters I just fell in love with. I spend my free time enhancing and balancing the assets and the generator to a point I am able to generate millions of variations that look interesting and different enough. Some can make 1 child with 1 Million Sperm Cells – I can make 1 Million children with 1 command in a terminal. That felt pretty powerful and brought me in a creative “flow” state for weeks.

What Makes this project unique?
I wrote a custom art engine that can produce animated svgs – something I haven’t seen at all in the NFT space. It’s also a bit on the cheap side as I launched on polygon. There’s a lot of pop culture quotes in it : Every outfit is a reference to a location like a city or a fictional place from a game or movie. Every hairstyle is named and based off of a cocktail. Every mouth is named by a painter, and every eye is based off of a band/singer. The full project is made end to end by a single person working in various DAOs as lead designer and frontend developer.

How Big is the team and what are their roles?
I made a lot of connections to wonderful people I would love to collaborate with in the future – or did collaborate in the past on other art projects. Some of my older projects are in museums, seen by 50 million people. In this project I just started alone on polyheads. Now that I know I can do it and start to understand the potential of NFT projects, I would love to team up with creatives for future projects that could be based on the success of polyheads.

What is the price?
Right now a mint costs 8 Matic and very low gas. So with the price of a pizza you can be part of the polyheads movement.

Why is that price fair?
Well a pizza seems to be pretty fair – I’m a very hungry person.

What is the Mint Size?

Are there any mechanics we should know about?
Nothing special.

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