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Fierce Models is the first NFT avatar collection based on real fashion models. The 10 models representing our 10,000 NFT collection receive a % of each NFT sold and then a % every time the NFT is sold on the secondary market… forever. Thanks to the mighty Blockchain earnings are sent directly to the model’s Ethereum wallet – instantly. No more having to depend on 3rd parties (who may or may not have their best interest at heart) to secure wages. No more hidden fees. Full transparency in the financial details of their career.

Fierce’s vision has always been fair payment practices for models. Our founder comes from the photography side of fashion and has witnessed firsthand the exploitation of young models in the form of late or no payments, hidden fees deducted from their wages, favoritism, blacklisting, poor living conditions (model apartments) of which they are charged exorbitant fees, and more.

Blockchain and in this case the NFT driver empowers the models to own their own careers fully – every step of the way.

Extreme utility.

Saucony, the global sneaker brand has partnered up with us on this collection and their sneakers will be added as rarity traits throughout. The Saucony NFTs will be more valuable by default because of the rarity and the utility baked into the NFT in the form of digital and perks.

Proudly and gratefully, a % of the initial drop proceeds will be donated to woman-focused charities.

How did you come up with the idea?
Fierce Models was born out of the dream of disintermediating the fashion industry by allowing talent like models and photographers to book jobs without needing an agent. Our founder Michelle began this journey in 2018 when she founded Casting Coin an online platform connecting brands directly with fashion shoot talent. Her vision has always been to tokenize the experience, hence the “coin” in the name.

How connected are you to the fashion industry?
Michelle has worked in the fashion industry for over 20-years first in magazines like Vogue and Town & Country, then as a fashion photographer for brands including Rag & Bone and Prada, and as the founder of Casting Coin a booking platform where fashion brands book talent. Marisa, our Head of Brand Partnerships, has worked in digital marketing for global fashion brands like Chanel and Victoria’s Secret.

Where are you headquartered
NYC, LA, and Miami

What is your long-term vision?
A metaverse called Fierce Studios inhabited by Casting Coin talent and Fierce NFT holders. FS will be a place where real photoshoots happen. Runway shows, networking events, and parties will all exist in the digital world. Think Pier 59 but on the Blockchain.

How Big is the team and what are their roles?
Our Core Team is made up of three founders, we also employ developers, artists and other key people in the technology space.

Michelle McCormack
Founder & CEO Michelle McCormack is a fashion photographer and strategist. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Uber, RedBull, Vogue, Estee Lauder, and more. Since 2017 she has been a leading female voice in Blockchain. She is also Founder of the online booking platform Casting Coin.

Peg Samuel
Head of Entertainment Peg Samuel is an Innovation Tech Advisor & Consultant, NYU Professor, and Author. She’s spent 25+ years in the digital space and been in Blockchain/NFT space since 2017. She’s been moderating panels on NFT’s and currently working in DeFi NFT space, she specializes in communications and connections.

Marisa Skolnick
Head of Digital Marisa Skolnick is an advertising industry powerhouse who has worked across all verticals. She has led Digital Advertising for a wide array of clients including but not limited to CHANEL, Victoria’s Secret, and Unilever.

What is the price?  0.07 (please confirm prior to publication)

Why is that price fair?

Fierce NFT holders get an instant, direct relationship with Saucony and can expect product airdrops, among other perks for as long as they hold our NFT in their wallet. Additionally, Fierce NFTs have a high collectible value because we are first to market with real models.

What is the Mint Size?
Our genesis collection 10,000

Are there any mechanics we should know about?
We will be releasing a pre-sale to our current community on the ETH blockchain.

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