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Average Punks NFT Project Overview – NFT Culture


There are derivatives of Punks but none are very original, we wanted to take it to the next level with 3d art.

We took a look at the landscape of NFT projects.  So many projects blossom and bloom and then scramble to build upon their success. Some struggle and others succeeded.  We took a different approach.

We began with where we saw our project in 3 years and worked backwards. The result was a complete business plan to bring a community together, develop a valuable NFT, bring real world utility – bridging the digital and physical world together, and bring innovation to the NFT community as a whole.

Our whitepaper will details those plans more specifically.

What Makes this project unique?


Our 3 year business plan with many phases and benchmarks that are not only attainable, but breathe new life into how NFT projects are built.

We are trully trying to give NFT’s a real every day use.  In our first week, we have signed agreements with 3 Pizza chains in US with many more in the pipeline.  Every AVP NFT holder can go to any of these chains and have some free Pizza.   We are also speaking with Hotel chains, Events companies to bring as much real work utility to AVP’s as possible.


How Big is the team and what are their roles?

The leadership team is comprised of 3 main members, but the team as a whole is 9 members strong with another 30 community members taking leadership roles within the community itself.

Snug – Artist – and lead

Maskwa (Brad) –Business Operations & Engagement

AlphaGeek (Paul) –engagement, partnerships and over operational strategy

Lakoz – Project Advisor


What is the price?

.085 ETH


Why is that price fair?

The art is not only high resolution 3D work, but also comes with full body downloads ready for metaverse right away.

The AVP roadmap is ambition and requires a lot of intvestment.

What is the Mint Size?



Are there any mechanics we should know about?

We have improved the mint smart contract so that people minting our project save $100’s in gas.  Over 85% of our mints are below $100 with a high %age under $50


Links to discord, social, etc.





Average Punks OpenSea:

Metaverse Punks OpenSea: (Genesis Collection)


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