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Foundation launches Collection Creation for NFT artists – NFT Culture


Attention creators, the wait is over: collections have arrived for all!
On Foundation, you can now deploy your own smart contract, mint NFTs to it, and share your debut collection.

We’re releasing features with the future in mind. All collections on Foundation are backed by their own smart contract. Why? Smart contracts are clear provenance for artists and they give you full ownership over your work—the keys will always be in your control.

In web3, smart contracts as collections translate to: canonical bodies of work (think Cosmos), your own version of a digital-first exhibition, fashion show, or maybe even an album… more on that note soon. 😉 To get started, visit our Help Center for a guide to creating your first collection and more.

Ready to deploy? We’re ready for you, too.

Foundation is where the creative economy of the future is coming into focus, and where new approaches to ownership and monetization are transforming how creative work is valued. Experiment, play, and build with us at

Collection NFTs

Prepare all of the works for minting, including all of the necessary artwork titles and descriptions.

Important: Make sure that there are no spelling errors and your file meets our specs before minting. Once you mint an NFT, no changes can be made. If you want to make any changes, you will need to burn and re-mint your NFT.

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