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Blind Recording Artist Lachi Teams Up with Disabled Visual Artists for Exclusive NFT Collection  – NFT Culture


NEW YORK, NY – Blind recording artist, writer and activist Lachi has teamed up with some of the world’s best visual artists who identify as having a disability, to release an exclusive collection of NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) on the Foundation platform, to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Dec 3). 


Known for her award-winning vocal mastery, Lachi provides unique vocal-soundscapes to accompany  four exquisite works of art created by renowned artists with disabilities, collectively titled Lachi X. Amongst the visual collaborators are artists with  incredible stories including  Clara Woods, Rachel Gadsden, Elijah Osborne and Tiffany Antosz.

Lachi is excited to finally unveil the pieces. “There’s nothing more beautiful than expressing unsung life experiences through art, telling a story that can only be expressed by you in your own way as its physical manifestation holds a unique creativity that only comes with having a disability. These pieces seek to weave two such experiences within two mediums (music and visual art) by two disabled artists who express life through creativity. I am excited to share these unique stories.”


Each piece tells its own distinctive story through the lens of the visual artist intertwined with Lachi’s unique portrayal of the piece through music. The collection will be rolled out on Foundation from December 3rd, which is International Day of Persons with Disabilities, as a celebration of disability art. 


A proportion of each sale shall be given to the Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities (RAMPD) initiative. RAMPD’s mission is to serve the music and creative arts industries by amplifying disability culture, promoting inclusion, and advocating for accessibility.  Funding raised by the cause goes to building a digital platform to connect disabled recording artists and music professionals with venues and opportunities that support equity and inclusion.


Lachi says it’s the perfect initiative to support these musical art pieces: “The pieces celebrate disability through the lens of music, and RAMPD amplifies disabled voices within the music industry, so the fit is perfect. But moreso, RAMPD promotes Disability Culture–the problem-solving prowess, creative art, music and voice birthed through identifying differently, and Lachi X is a result of such cultural identity.”


Each work of art on the Lachi X collection will roll out for auction on the Foundation website starting December 3rd.


About Lachi

As seen in Forbes, Essence, Variety and NYTimes, Lachi is an award winning recording artist, charting songwriter,  host of PBS segment ‘Renegades’ and award winning web series OffBeat. She recently appeared in a Mastercard Ad promoting tactile credit cards, and performed a passionate set highlighting her blindness journey at the Kennedy Center (Dec 2nd). Her disability advocacy has landed her discussions with the GRAMMYs, and White House representatives. Legally blind since birth, Lachi uses her platform to mainstream disability inclusion discussions, while amplifying pride and self-confidence within the disability community. Co-chair of GRAMMY’s NY Advocacy arm, Lachi is the go-to voice for disability representation in the Music Industry. Gaining notoriety for bringing positivity to the prefix “Dis”, she has been on a path to make Music Awards shows, venues and events accessible for artists and watchers alike. From high-heels to glittered canes, Lachi endeavors to showcase the fun, beauty and artistry within disability culture.


About Rachel Gadsden

Rachel Gadsden is a British multi-award-winning visual and performance artist who identifies as sight impaired. Rachel exhibits and performs nationally and internationally. Expressionist in approach, she creates solo exhibitions, performances and collaborative social engagement art projects with disabled and mainstream communities, through painting, performance, digital film, and animation, with the objective of creating cross-cultural dialogues on humanity.


About Clara Woods

Clara is a painter, model and influencer who grew up in Italy. While Clara cannot write, read, or speak, she uses her art to communicate large vivid ideas. Through a vital and artistic temperament full of explosive energy, Clara favours social inclusion in the world of the ‘invisible’ and invites us to expand our limited vision of the concept of disability. 


About Elijah Osborne

An 18-year-old artist hailing from Philadelphia, Elijah Osborne has always had an extraordinary artistic mind. Adopted at an early age Elijah has faced many challenges throughout his young life including a diagnosis of Stargardt Disease. As a way to cope, Elijah turned to expression through drawing at four years old, and hasn’t stopped since. 


About Tiffany Antosz

A painter and communications professional, Tiffany is an advocate for the blind, disabled and inclusive communities, herself being visually impaired and also having non-visible disabilities. Passionate and devoted to raising awareness of the many complex challenges of visual impairment, Tiffany combines her personal resilience with her professional expertise, her art, and her voice — transforming her personal vision challenges into global visibility and empowerment for all who are challenged in this area.


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