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Alien Frens are about to crash into earth! On December 20th we begin our journey home back to Planet Fren. Join the Frens as we zoom across the Metaverse! 10k NFTs, 0.02 ETH, December 20th.

Alien Frens have taken the NFT world by storm becoming one of the most popular NFT projects in a very short time.


Alien Frens is a community driven collection of 10k randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to build the biggest group of frens in the Metaverse. For an accessible price of 0.02 ETH you receive 1 Alien Fren NFT that provides you not only an awesome PFP and a lifelong frenship with 10k other Frens, but a ticket to our IRL events, Invasions, Exclusive Merch, Comic Books, and the $FRENS Token. Oh, and all of this is only for Version 1.0 of our quarterly roadmap. Ready to be beamed up?

A Total of 10,000 unique Alien Frens NFTs will be created.

When you join the frens, you are securing a life long frenship with 10,000 frens. Mason created this community based project with the intent of making the biggest group of frens possible. The community comes first, which in turns drives value. Invasions, clothing line, comic books, IRL meet ups, $fren coin, exclusive rights to artwork, and lambos are just a bonus. Our road map is quarterly based, with new and innovative goals and roadmap each quarter term. Come be frens (:

What are Factions? 

From basic to rare, you will have less or more payload for prizes we pick up in our invasions on the way back to Planet Fren! Prizes can include anything from cool cats NFT, to cash, new ufos for your fren, and more!

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