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The hacking of Bondly Finance and the hottest news from the NFT world


Welcome back to “The Valuart Podcast”: a weekly appointment with art, crypto art & technology.

In this episode, we discover the latest and hottest news from the NFT and crypto world. To start Eddie and Izzy talk about the hacking of Bondly Finance that damaged the trading platform. We also announce the Valuart newsletter written by our prodigious Izzy Godina every Wednesday (subscribe now Staying up to date on cryptocurrencies and crypto art has never been easier: discover a new book every week, to stay on track on new technologies and virtual currencies.

In the episode, we continue to talk about technology and artificial intelligence, how work will evolve in the immediate future and what is happening to NFT. Continue to listen to find out more about our real-life gallery in Switzerland.

Valuart is an NFTs oriented ecosystem. Founded by Vittorio Grigolò, Michele Fiscalini e Etan Genini, Valuart has the final aim to enhance artists and their artworks. Valuart will introduce by the end of the year several Unique NFT’s of some of the Masterpieces ever made.

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00:00 Intro
03:01 Bondly Finance Hacking
07:19 Spike by Banksy Drop
09:45 Decentraland
14:52 JetBrains

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