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Stalker 2 Cancels NFT Plans In Less Than an Hour – IGN Daily Fix


On today’s IGN The Fix: Games,

A little under an hour after posting and deleting a tweet justifying the decision to incorporate NFT technology into the upcoming STALKER 2, GSC Game World has published a follow-up statement announcing it is backing away from the use of NFTs.GSC was making a number of NFTs for STALKER 2, but one particular draw was a token that will let the owner become an in-game NPC, provided they can get to GSC’s studio in Ukraine after successfully bidding on the NFT. An auction was to take place in January 2022, with the winning bidder receiving the prize of becoming what GSC refers to as the first “metahuman” in a game. As of now, GSC has made a decision to cancel anything NFT-related.

Tencent has announced today that it has acquired California-based developer Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Back 4 Blood and the Left 4 Dead series. A press release sent out today notes that Turtle Rock will become part of Tencent, though the studio will retain its independent operations in California, with the existing team continuing to run all studio operations.

IGN announces their Game of the Year title as well as IGN’s People’s Choice Award for Game of The Year, Console Exclusive of the Year, Movie of Year, and TV Series of the Year!

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