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Researching NFTs and Minting an NFT on Ethereum


I’m trying to keep up with NFTs non-fungible tokens are making crypto investors millionaires even buying a single NFT has made some people THOUSANDS of dollars! Here’s also how to mint NFTs on Ethereum! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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NFTs non-fungible tokens are the best and most lucrative investments to make right now, digital artwork, game assets, and just tokenizing items in the digital area its super interesting. There is more hype and interest in NFTs than ever before, NFTs is the fastest growing sector and more money than ever is pumping right into NFTs and if you can mint an NFT at the right time like a cryptopunk or a bored ape or a boldbadger on Solana as other blockchains gain traction against Ethereum since minting and selling a pudgy penguin costs hundreds of dollars BUT since NFT prices are EXPLODING in value it does not matter if you buy the best NFTs early enough. Mango Market Cap and their initial cap offering NFTs already trading at almost $20,000 per digital hat, crazy! Wow a lot to keep up with with crypto lets review the latest NFT news and how I minted a Waifu on Ethereum an NFT from PlanetWaifu lol

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00:00 NFT News Update
02:01 How I got a free NFT
03:15 How to find the best NFTs to buy and sell
03:40 Logan Paul NFT investor and creator
04:10 Crypto Zoo the latest NFT
07:32 Earn Cake with FrostedCake
08:29 How to Mint an NFT
11:45 Top NFTs to buy in 2021
13:00 Rentible
14:00 Mango Market Cap NFTs
15:25 Crypto Power Move

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