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Polygon Matic SHOCKING NEWS: NFTs on Coinbase? MATIC Price BREAKOUT


Two really big announcements are looming for Polygon Matic, both of which would likely lead to a large rally for the crypto asset. Welcome back everyone! In today’s video I will tell you what these two announcements are, and provide some context as to why this would be so BIG for MATIC! Be sure to hit the like, it really helps my video reach a wider audience! Polygon Matic is one of the most promising projects in the crypto space today. It is solving scaling issues on Ethereum, by acting as a layer 2 solution that decreases transaction times and transaction costs. #Polygon #MATIC

0:22 Polygon Positioning
0:43 NFTs and Metaverse
1:34 ATH?
2:05 Coinbase
3:00 HUGE Adoption
4:30 Game Theory
5:28 Rumor 2
6:01 Polygon X Uniswap
7:10 7 MILLION
8:10 Deployment
8:45 RALLY

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