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Latinum to Launch World’s First Bitcoin-Enabled NFT Marketplace


Bitcoin Latinum is poised to launch the first NFT marketplace running on the Bitcoin network. Titled “Unico NFT,” the plan is to usher in a new chapter of the NFT chronicles.

Latinum is a subsidiary of the wider Monsoon blockchain, and what they have developed is an insured, asset-backed, next-gen cryptocurrency. Through this, they have developed what is essentially a layer 2 solution running parallel to the Bitcoin network. And consequently, have built a marketplace that accepts payment in both $BTC and $LTNM, the Latinum native currency.

They believe this new innovation will unlock the liquidity stored in Bitcoin, and supercharge the NFT industry. Bitcoin Latinum itself runs on an energy efficient proof-of-stake algorithm, benefiting from fast transactions and low fees. However, these benefits will only apply to payments in $LTNM, while $BTC transactions will be comparatively expensive and slow.

For the initial launch, Latinum promises thousands of NFTs featuring a wide range of non-fungible delights. Therefore, all the traditional collectibles, artworks, and gaming assets will be available at inception. In addition, Latinum has pledged to reinvest 80% of all profits through the Unico NFT platform, thereby providing sustained growth for the $LTNM token.

Going forward, Unico NFT intends to become fully chain-agnostic, with plans in motion to also bring Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon into the fold.

Check out Unico NFT >> Here

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