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Jimmy Wales Joins with Christie’s to Auction First Wikipedia Edit


Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales, has teamed up with Christie’s auction house for a one-of-a-kind NFT sale. As a result, you could become the proud owner of the first-ever Wikipedia entry.

Back in January 2001, Jimmy Wales launched Wikipedia. But, before it became the solver of pub-based arguments it is today, it contained no information. Until that is, Jimmy warmed up his strawberry pink iMac, spun up the Wikipedia servers and performed the inaugural edit. Two words then adorned the page that every coder is familiar with, “Hello World.”

Now, Jimmy and Christie’s are offering this experience to one lucky bidder. Not just an image of the first Wikipedia page, but an interactive experience hosted on a dedicated web page. Therefore, the owner can tinker with the page to their heart’s content and afterwards, reset it back to the original with a click of a button.

“The Birth of Wikipedia” auction is live on Christie’s right now and, will run through until 2pm EST on December 15. Furthermore, in addition to the NFT, bidders can also get their hands on the aforementioned strawberry pink iMac Jimmy use to develop the platform. However, the winner of that auction should be made aware of the following Tweet:

This amazing sale highlights a growing trend of internet pioneers selling off their genesis moments. Back in March Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, sold the first-ever tweet for almost $3 million. And then in June, Tim Berners Lee sold the internet for $5.4 million. In both instances, the funds were donated to charity. Jimmy Wales, however, intends to use the money to develop an ad-free social media platform.

Head to the auction >> Here

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