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How does ETH SURGE affect NFT market???


How does ETH surge affect NFT market? How do I mint? How do I invest safely? How can you make a living from NFTs? How to invest in NFTs? Is NFT investing safe? How to read NFT market?
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In this video I talk more about ETH market trends and the correlation with the NFT market. I talk more in depth about safety including how to secure your discord and metamask wallet by using a hardwallet. I talk more about mints and how to look at different projects. I mention how its easier to look at secondary market in bear markets. More announcements on how the channel will continue. Thank you for all your support.

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How do I mint? How to Make NFT Investing work for you? How to be safe? How to Invest safely? What is happening to NFT market?

0:00 Intro
0:24 Curent Market
2:02 Correlation of ETH and NFTs
6:08 More Safety!
10:32 Use hot wallet for mints
13:40 How to find safe mints?
15:51 New Mints or secondary?
19:00 Announcements! Thank you for all support
23:34 A quick review


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