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Exciting Crypto Mining News and NFT News!


Exciting Crypto Mining News and NFT News! Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bull market, even if the prices retract some crypto is crazy and making more investors millionaires than every other sector combined!
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Cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving, and if you aren’t constantly tuned in you’ll miss out on the best coins to buy, cryptocurrencies to mine, and tokens to trade! Crypto bear market soon or simply an NFT bear market however more businesses and people than ever are investing into crypto coins and crypto infrastructure like exciting new NFT marketplaces. Can cryptocurrency survive a global market crash, and will Bitcoin finally serve as a true hedge to inflation and make more cryptocurrency investors millionaires?!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Crypto is a bear proof market?
02:03 Celsius invests $500 million into BTC mining?
02:56 Some of the most profitable ASIC miners right now
04:21 GPU mining profitability right now
06:01 Antminer S19j Pro BTC miner in stock now
06:16 Helium Network stability issues last day
07:19 Trader Joe token just keeps going up
08:19 Talis raises $2.3 million for NFT marketplace on Terra
08:29 What is the use of
09:44 $55 million fund raise for NFTs tied to musical arts
10:59 Mine and stake on GPU with Sinovate
13:47 Radix with a better blockchain technology?
14:38 Organic Crystals evolving NFTs update
16:38 MetaInuVerse a community driven meme coin
17:40 Prime XBT an all-in-one exchange platform
19:39 $50 refund on StarPunks NFT collection by nftsclub
20:54 PurrNFT a decentralized adult content platform
22:07 PancakeSwap NFT marketplace is disappointing
24:08 Alternative blockchains for NFT use
24:46 Crypto is making investors millionaires

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