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$Chonk The Low Market Cap Gem! Chonk Staking = NFT Rewards! Chonker Updates / News


Let’s talk about a project that has collaborated with Hoge called Chonk! $Chonk is doing something unique in the meme cryptocurrency space by providing NFTs to holders through staking, providing liquidity, and different level tiers of holders! With this erc20 token, I’ve already claimed one NFT by staking my Chonk for Fish. With these Fish you can claim limited time NFTs and even sell them on platforms like OpenSea! We’ll discuss the TikTok news, Dogeboy running on stage to promote Doge and Chonker Finance, as well as a shoutout to some tokens that joined the Twitter Spaces last night! If you wish to stake Chonk, minimum is 2 Chonk! Enjoy!




Twitter Spaces Shoutouts:

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