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‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ NFT Sells for $760,999 at Auction | RS News 5/24/21


A bidding war over an NFT of the viral “Charlie Bit My Finger” video — a “lovable piece of internet history” that “helped YouTube grow” in 2007, the family involved proclaimed — ended with a winning price of $760,999.

After bids slowly trickled in during the Saturday portion of the 24-hour auction, the price skyrocketed in the auction’s final hours Sunday, with anonymous bidders “3fmusic” and “mememaster” competing for the 1-of-1 non-fungible token. 3fmusic ultimately delivered the winning bid, according to the Charlie Bit Me auction page.

As part of the auction, the Davies-Carr family promised to delete the viral video from YouTube after 14 years and over 883 million views on the site, CNN reports; however, at press time, the video was still on YouTube.

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