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Are Delayed REVEALS Bad?!, Sandbox SAND, Twitter NFTs, Zed Run Breeding, NFT Market Recap


NFT Live covers Sandbox NFTs ($SAND), a Zed Run drop and breeding explanation, Lucky Maneki, DeadHeads, an NFT market recap, upcoming generative sales, and much more!

The latest NFT news and events from around the Metaverse!


LADZ City:
LADZ Litepaper:

0:00 Start
0:05 LADZ City Updates
6:12 Cloudwhite Video
8:57 Axie Infinity Competition Video
16:38 Zed Run Winner Announcement Error
18:25 NFT Market and Trading Recap
22:07 Twitter NFTs
25:39 Sandbox LAND Sale Update
29:29 Nifty Drops App Launch
31:42 Zed Run Breeding
34:35 Aavegotchi Drop Tickets
37:25 Delayed Reveals
51:58 $LADZ Token

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