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6 BIG Problems for Artists Selling NFT Crypto Art in 2021 (Watch Before Minting!)


Everyone is excited about minting and selling NFT crypto art on platforms like Rarible, OpenSea and Mintable. But there are big concerns including the impact on the environment, ethereum gas fees and copyright theft. I’ll cover six (maybe seven) problems I see right now for artists tempted to create, list and sell their own non-fungible tokens. ARTISTS SHOULD NOT TOUCH NFT’S UNTIL THEY WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

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***Non-Fungible Tee Shirt:

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Environmental Concerns
3:17 Unrealistic Expectations
5:13 Gas Fees
5:52 Little Support on Platforms
6:42 Copyright Theft
8:13 Crowded and Unorganized Platforms
8:38 Bonus Problem

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