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4 upcoming NFT games with huge potential (launching SOON)


There’s a ton of NFT games launching in the coming weeks and months. In this video I take a look at 4 that I’m personally buying into.

You can tell that something has changed in the NFT market. Game-related NFTs (Axie Infinity, Illuvium, Wolf Game, Aurory etc) are becoming a bigger deal and many of these projects that have been in development are finally coming to market.

But whenever a big trend like this is discovered, we usually see a wave of low-effort copycats and rugpulls – you need to be careful. Check out the frameworks I use during this video and apply them to other games in the market.

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0:00 start here
1:17 my filter for games
2:33 game #1
5:49 game #2
7:26 game #3
9:28 game #4
12:59 the next class of AAA NFT games


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