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1 Day Left: THETA is transforming the NFT Market as we know it! Mainnet 3.0 and beyond!!


Find out how THETA’s Thetazilla NFT Drop is transforming the NFT Market as we know it. And the day is almost here: Mainnet 3.0 and beyond!!

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0:00​ Intro
0:31 Binance suspending Theta
1:04 Updated Theta Wallet
3:35 Thetazilla results
4:55 Where Thetadrop is going
6:04 A Thetadrop FIRST
7:26 Think BIGGER
8:26 Theta’s Challenges
8:56 Redeeming Merch
9:58 Thetadrop Feedback
11:31 Same NFT error?
12:47 MN3 Highlights tomorrow

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