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Sheep Rustling Play-to-Earn Wolf Game Takes the Blockchain by Storm


Out of the blue, a new play-to-earn title has thrust its way onto the blockchain, topping all of the charts, and exploding on social media. Introducing, Wolf Game, a livestock-themed title involving grand larceny, high risk and incredible rewards.

Wolf Game revolves around the maintenance of sheep, and their uncanny ability to generate $WOOL, the native currency of the project. Currently in phase one of the project, gaming is restricted to “staking” sheep in a barn to generate an even 10k $WOOL per day, while claiming said tokens will result in a 20% sales tax paid to the wolves. Furthermore, un-staking (leaving the barn) results on a 50% chance of losing all accumulated $WOOL to the wolf pack.

However, not all sheep are born equal. 10% of all new mints will arrive at random in the shape of wolves. Stake a wolf in a barn, and the owner will receive a share of all taxes as well as have to opportunity to rob blind any sheep with the courage to leave the safety of their confines.

In addition, a forthcoming breeding mechanic will enable owners to spend $WOOL to acquire more sheep. However, the total supply is restricted to 50k units, and breading prices will increase at 10k increments. As well as a 10% chance of breeding a wolf, there is an additional 10% chance for the new-born being stolen by the sneaky canines. And, in both instances it will be awarded randomly to wolf keepers.

Wolf Game has therefore caught the imagination of NFT enthusiasts. The 10k $WOOL accumulated each day equates to an eyewatering $1300. Floor prices are through the roof and are currently sitting at 3.69 ETH, while overall trading volume has broken the 13k ETH barrier. More is to come; land deeds and farmers have recently arrived, and new gaming mechanics are on the way.

Check out the game >> Here

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