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NFT KOCHI: India’s Largest NFT Conference: Dec 18, 2021 – NFT Culture


December 18, 2021

Grand Hyatt Bolgatty, Kochi

India’s largest International NFT Conference

NFT Kochi will highlight some of the biggest names in the space including Kunal Kapoor, Vish BR, Visakha J Singh, and more.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all attendees.

NFT Kochi is the first international conference being hosted in India dedicated to NFTs.

Witness the largest international NFT conference in India! Through our NFT festival and NFT digital art gallery, you can immerse yourself in the digital future metaverse experience.

NFT Kochi brings together artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, meta sapiens, industry leaders, visionaries, technocrats, developers, celebrities and everyone who loves the world of Non-Fungible Tokens together for an exciting event.

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