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Farouk Kagwe of Uganda – Emerald Director for Nui International

Farouk Kagwe Emerald



What a great joy for us to share the rank advancement of this great leader who has stood out for his strong work throughout Africa and in the world. Congratulations to our Emerald Director Farouk Kagwe @billiondollarfarouk! You deserve this success!


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Farouk: Am so delighted & grateful for this new EMERALD DIRECTOR!!🥇 rank achievement🙏🙏. It was the most challenging for me but self-determination, hard work and daily devotion NEVER lie 💪💪 I thank the Almighty Lord for the blssing.
My journey with NUI International is a big life inspiration 1year 9months down the road.
#Teamnui #TeamEastAfrica #Jeff(#DonCrypto), #MarcusKing. #TeamSouthAfrica wont stop thanking you guys my Leaders #Vengie,#Rosie,#Percy,#Elton,#Siphwe.. etc and not forgetting
#Teambrazil GreatLeaders #Bruno,#Rochelle,#NUI-President, our CEO #Darren Olayan

Am forever thankful, NUI has greatly changed our lives and status… Working towards my next rank very SOON!! #NUI-Forever!!!! 👏👏👏👏

Congratulations Farouk EMERALD – YouTube

brunogalvez_official WOOOW! Everyone STOP what you are doing and take a moment to join me in recognizing the work of this Top Leader!! Farouk @billiondollarfarouk joined the company after many of us and has been able to accomplish what many strive for. Congratulations Top Leader, you are an inspiration for everyone at Nui!! *#goambassador*
agenciasocialgram Olá, gostei muito do seu perfil, tenho um convite para você! Me chama no direct.👏🏽😊
vengiezim It’s your choice to break-up, break-down or breakthrough. As long as you know that better days are ahead of you and not behind, you will breakthrough. Congratulations to this breakthrough from UGANDA team First emerald Director from East Africa
It wasn’t easy to breakthrough but finally we rejoicing
teamnuioficial Que felicidade para nós compartilhar o avanço desse grande líder que vem se destacando pelo forte trabalho e movimento em toda África e no mundo que tem feito.

Parabéns ao novo Diretor Esmeralda Farouk Kagwe @billiondollarfarouk! Você merece esse sucesso!
#sucesso #conquista #nui #teamnui #blockchain #negocios #africa #teamafrica

rochelleferreira Congratulations👏👏👏👏
Pamela Mathunjwa Congratulations
Siphiwe MboboWow my leader. This is super amazing 👏.  Congratulations  Farouk🎆🎈🎉🎊
Ntando Ncube Congratulations  🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 
Tshidi Ramanamane Massive Congratulations 🥳 my Leader Farouk Kaggwe 💥💰🕺🏽🥳 Let’s goooo!!!!
Mpho Oratiloe Nkone Congratulations  Leadership 🥂🎊🎉🎊Very much well deserved!!! 🎊🎊
Israel D Ncube Congratulations  bro, you are hard working
Day Tapoya Congratulations 🎊 🥳
Mpho Oratiloe Nkone Congratulations Leadership 🥂🎊🎉🎊Very much well deserved!!! 🎊🎊
Mamdumane Mabhanqo Congratulations are in order 🙌
Mzamo K Makhulela Congratulations bafo
Sikhangele Malinga Congratulations
Lucky Nkosi Khumalo Congratulations  🎊 👏 💐 leadership 👏
Marg Patel Congratulations

Katwesige Generous Congratulation

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