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Cripto Inc. – Bringing Education and Opportunities through Crypto

Crypto Inc

São Paulo, December 16th 2021 – Cripto Inc. a startup virtual company based in Brazil strives to bring education and opportunities to anyone looking to understand the crypto and blockchain markets.

Cripto Inc. is formed by a group of enthusiasts and experts from the crypto space. The Founder and Co-Founder are Jennie and Bruno Galvez. They started their crypto journey about 5 years ago and after much learning they have decided to open Cripto Inc.

According to the Founders, Cripto Inc. was founded to be a guiding hand for investors in the frameworks for crypto markets.
“Our priority in Cripto Inc. is to inform, provide high quality educational information on blockchain technology built on solid foundations of security for future investors in the Crypto universe. We take pride in bringing security and profitability to our clients”

As part of their diversified portfolio the company has also affiliated with one of the biggest companies in crypto custody and blockchain solutions located in Utah-USA, Nui International, who´s also partnered with BitGo and Coincover. Through this partnership the company has been able to help thousands of people to understand the potential of crypto investments.

Instagram: @criptoinc

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