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Makeitneutral Courts Nostalgia with Debut NFTheEND Collection


Eco-friendly cleantech ambassador, makeitneutral, is readying to launch the first of four NFT initiatives. In celebration of all things planet earth, they will deploy 888 nostalgic NFTheEND tokens.

Makeitneutral stands tall in its efforts to make amends for the world’s Co2 emissions horror show. Achieving this magnificent deed via an intuitive digital toolkit for corporations to integrate climate change tech into everyday life. Through this initiative, makeitneutral aims to plant a billion trees and ensure their growth for the next 70 years. Therefore, to support the creation of an entire planet-saving ecosystem, they have prepared a series of blockchain-based art projects. The first of which is NFTheEND.

The Drop

Pre-internet there was a time when all television was analogue, consisting of a poor selection of channels, which could cut out at any moment without warning. What you were left with was a multi-coloured test card and an ear-splitting monotone that you would watch anyway. NFTheEND intends to take the nostalgia from these untimely events, and tokenize them. The result is a collection of 888 procedurally generated TV test cards, each displaying a unique design and colour palette.

Every single questionable masterpiece will leave owners swimming in a pool of wistful reflection, immediately transporting community members to a less turbulent time. A time where television would stop abruptly at midnight, and fans had no option but to wait a whole week for the next instalment of their favourite show. As a result, the NFTheEND artworks will fill the nostalgia-shaped hole left by ages past.


The artworks will descend on the blockchain at 1PM UTC on November 27, and change hands for 200 $MATIC a piece. And, maintaining its carbon-neutral stance will arrive via the incredibly energy-efficient Polygon side chain. Owners of this first set of NFTs will then receive preferable bonuses, including whitelist reservations for future drops, free merchandise, and early info on future projects.

Furthermore, five independent milestones will occur during the initial sale. Following the minting of just 1% NFTheEND tokens, the project will go carbon neutral. Then, the 25% mark will see charitable donations reach e-waste recycling organizations, while 10 token owners will receive a free NFTheEND NFT. At the halfway point, the merch store will open, alongside a raffle to win some Ethereum. And finally, at 100%, one lucky winner will walk away with a refurbished B&O Beovision 9000. The most sought after televisual experience in 1981.

More to Come

Following NFTheEND, makeitneutral will set in motion plans for three further NFT collections, aimed at bringing attention to their incredible goal. Additionally, a fifth project will see the launch of the makeitneutral token. A bespoke platform-wide currency with utility throughout the makeitneutral ecosystem.

At the end of the day makeitneutral has taken umbrage to the huge volume of greenwashing occurring in today’s society. Companies for whom carbon neutrality is just a badge for a website, while in the background they pollute more than ever before. While this is bad, there is worse, as fake and expired carbon offset certificates circulate freely. By taking the bull by the horns, and running the show themselves, makeitneutral can ensure that planet-saving tactics are conducted clearly and transparently, and maintained continually well into the future.

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