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Chariverse NFTs – the First Decentralized Humanitarian Organization


Want to continue growing your NFT collection whilst simultaneously helping vulnerable children from all around the world? Chariverse is creating a dedicated community for just that. It is the first decentralized humanitarian organization to fund charitable institutions worldwide through their own philanthropic liquidity fund, Charifund.

The Project

Chariverse is a unique NFT project that utilizes technology, charity, and crypto-enthusiasts to assist in promoting innovation and change. Inspired by Asian economic policies, Chariverse aims to improve the livelihoods of children in vulnerable countries by raising funds through the sale of NFTs.

Funds are managed through the DAO mechanism, where 50% of funds raised will be allocated to the Charifund, and half of it will immediately be sent to the ‘Save the Children’ organization. The other half will be distributed to charities across 10 different countries at the discretion of Kids NFT holders. The rest of the 50% of collected funds go towards marketing initiatives and the development of future NFT collections.

The Kids of Chariverse Collection

Titled “Kids of Chariverse” NFTs, this collection features vibrant and unique portraits of children from all around the world. There will be a supply of 8,888 Kids NFTs in total, with six NFT properties and four different rarity rankings to be generated at each mint.

The holders of Kids NFTs will be able to contribute to the developmental and marketing decisions of Charifund, and more critically, be able to vote on which charitable organizations the funds should be allocated to.

The Drop

Chariverse operate on the Ethereum blockchain, with the cost of a Chariverse Kids NFT mint being 0.1 ETH. The first NFT collection of Chariverse Kids is going to be available for mint at the end of 2021, however, the Chariverse team are initiating a giveaway program where they will be doing an NFT airdrop on December 1st. There will also be a presale round, follow the Chariverse Discord here for more details on the giveaway and the presale.


After the launch of Kids of Chariverse NFTs, the Charifund development, and new partnerships with charity organizations, there will be a Chariverse DAO token airdrop to NFT holders, a Chariverse DHO launch, the launch of Giants of Chariverse NFTs, and more.

The roadmap also includes partnerships with new charity foundations, 10 community voting rounds on the distribution of funds, as well as the mint of Faeries of Chariverse NFTs.

The Team

The current Chariverse team is made up of five crypto enthusiasts that are on a mission to turn their vision of a decentralized humanity organization into a reality. Their expertise include front end development, back-end development, community management, artwork creation, and partnerships with charity foundations.

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